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The Baseball Scorecard G Visitor: G Home: # S U M S Line Up Date: Scorer: Pos Start Time: End Time: Weather: Time of Game: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 W/L/S IP H R ER BB SO HB BK AB R TBF Runs Hits Errors
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Okay welcome to Mike Scott baseball calm today we're going to be doing something I call the chalkboard sessions we're going to learn about how to keep a score book I'm surprised how many people struggle with this so they don't quite understand the language that they see on a scorecard so I've got my extra-large scorecard here we're going to be filling it in as we go learning about the common notations the common symbols that you'll see in a score book and when you're keeping score how to put them in the right places so let's get started and start looking at some of the basics okay you can see that we have a diagram of our field here and I've given each player on the field a number okay and these are standard numbers throughout baseball so what we're going to do here is we're going to give each player number our pitcher is number one our catcher is number two our first baseman is number three our second baseman is number four you have to go across the diamond to your third baseman your third baseman has the number five your shortstop is number six you go to the outfield you always start with left field left field is number seven centerfield eight right field is nine now when the ball is put in play you write down the number of who was hit to so if we had a ground ball to our shortstop number six and he picks it up and throws it to the number three player which is our first baseman that is a six to three play and that's how you write it in the score book now if we had a flyball out to our left fielder okay goes out to the number seven player you can write it a couple different ways the standard ways of writing it usually our f7 flyball to seven sometimes you can just put the number seven since nobody else touch the ball to make the out so you could just put a seven also now if you have a line drive to your second baseman okay a lot of times they'll write it out l44 a line drive to the four player who is your second baseman you can write lo4 but it's just another standard way of showing not just where the ball was hit but how it was hit okay let's move on to our first inning okay now that we've covered some of the very basics let's start taking a look at our scorecard here first thing you need to do is you need to put your lineup so you list your batters one through nine you put their positions that they're playing beside each player and you put the number that they're where on the back of their uniform you got your home team your visiting team and you got your date up there now let's start taking a closer look at the score book design okay let's take a close-up look at our score book design this design has a couple things that we want to focus on the main thing that we want to focus on is this diamond shape right there showing the field this is where most of our notation is going to take place and most of the information about the at-bat or about the game is going to take place now this score book also has layers across the top one B is a single...